How long have you been composing music?
Composing is not really a true word I would use. But basically about 3 to 4 years.

Why would you not say “Composing”?
In all honesty, I’m not what you would call a true composer, someone who can sit down and read & write music.
I can’t.
In truth, how I compose (if you want to use that term) is literally do full bar of music, play it back if it’s ok, move on to next bar else go back and make changes.
This method obviously takes me a lot longer than other true composers. I literally and only work by ear, I can’t just sit down and write a few bars and know how that sounds just by how it’s written.

How do you create your work, I mean how do you think up the melodies?
When I sit down and start to “create” I tend to work from my “if I was there” imagination.
If I’m creating a horror score, I like to play it back and imagine being trap somewhere surrounded by Zombies or something else from the realm of the paranormal, something that really means something to the music, if that makes sense.
It’s the same with my “easy listening” tracks. I like to think I’m sat by a waterfall or river listening to the water and nature, it all then works from there.

How long does it take to complete a track?
It really does depend.
Sometimes everything seems to slot into place, so then it is just a case of fine tuning the tracks, volume, pitch and other effects to compliment the tune.