Do I have to donate?
Short answer, ‘no’. Any donation is exactly that, a donation. I do not force people into paying for my work. There are no hidden costs or conditions to using anything I have written/created.

Why donate?
Apart from it being a very kind and generous offering from yourself, it enables you to have an enormous sense of satisfaction in helping a fellow human being lol ;o).
There are, of course, a number of other fundamental reasons to consider donating;

  1. Bills mainly. My hosting doesn’t come free and neither does the electricity I use, and most certainly the upkeep and additions to my hardware & software can prove costly also.
  2. By showing you care enough to donate, it enables me to continue my work as it motivates me to provide, knowing that people want what I have to offer.

Why is there a ‘donate’ AND a ‘store’?
I have done it this way as some people don’t wish to purchase any tracks (as they listen to them online), but would like to make a contribution to the site. The store is available if people want to purchase my work and if so desired, wish to burn them to disc etc.

Is it safe?
Yes, you can donate securely via PayPal, so you would get all the protection you would expect from using them.

If you have already made a donation, I would just like to say a massive “Thank you” for supporting my work.